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Saker stil

Säker stil - Challenge your wardrobe (Signed book)

Säker stil - Challenge your wardrobe (Signed book)

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Have you got stuck? Zero clothing inspiration? Crowded closet but still nothing to wear? Made the wrong purchase, feel lost or just generally bad self-confidence?

Here is the solution! Ebba Kleberg von Sydows and Emilia de Poret's new style guide. Challenge and get help navigating your own closet. Style your garments in new ways and let some iconic key garments unlock the wardrobe. The book is also about daring to develop your style to land in a well-thought-out wardrobe that works in all situations of life. Through concrete challenges, you get help, inspiration and guidance.

Your style journey can begin today. Start with the 10 x 10 challenge, the organization test, the whole week color or the change challenge.

Guaranteed wardrobe pepper is promised! It's high time to find the joy of dressing whether it's a tired Tuesday morning or a glamorous party night. Best of all: it's about small details that make a big difference and fun challenges that everyone can take on.

#Säkerstilchallenge - LET´S GO!


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