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Fragranced Candle / Walk In Closet

Fragranced Candle / Walk In Closet

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Our handmade fragranced candle, with labdanum base notes, cederwood as heart and incense as a top note. We carefully created a scent of classic style and confidence. The striped porcelain jar, comes with a practical (and pretty!) lid, perfect to use over and over again.

The candle wax - made in Sweden - is an all natural wax blend with a low melting point, which can hold a particularly high volume of fragrance. The fine cotton wick, sized to match each fragrance, ensures clean burning for maximum pleasure and indulgence.

Enjoy up to 60 hours burn time 270 gram / 9.5 oz. A beautiful design detail - to love a lifetime! 


Never leave burning candle unattended. Always burn in a draft-free area out of the reach of children, pets and flammable materials, and on a heat- and fire-resistant surface. Extinguish when 5mm of wax remains. Container may become hot during use – do not move until extinguished and cool.

To reduce soot, always trim wick to 3-5mm before lighting. Burn until melt pool reaches the edges of the jar, and keep lit for no more than four hours at a time. Ensure the wick is upright, above the wax line and central before the wax sets.

Take care

How do you take care of your scented candle?

1. The first time you light the candle, let it burn until the candle has melted all the way out to the edge. It prevents a pit from forming in the middle where the wick burns down faster than the rest of the candle. The time varies, but count on 2 hours.

2. Cut the wick down. Never let the wick get longer than a few millimeters, then the burning time increases. It also reduces the risk of black smoke and overheating.

3. Center the wick. In addition to cutting the wick, you should also make sure it is centered. Fix it before the candle has time to harden. A wick that points crookedly increases the risk of discolouring the porcelain on the inside from soot.

4. Use the lid! Put the lid on when the candle is not burning. It's not just to look nice, the cover also prevents dust from getting stuck in the light.

5. Use, enjoy and LOVE it as much as we do!


When your candle has burned down, get your refill HERE!

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