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Saker stil

Säker Stil-böcker / 3-pack

Säker Stil-böcker / 3-pack

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SWEDISH VERSION - 3-pack of all our style guides: Utmana din garderob, 101 Stiltips & Guiden till den perfekta garderoben! (Bonnier). 

We give you: 

"Utmana din garderob" Style your garments in new ways and let some iconic key garments unlock the wardrobe. The book is about daring to develop your style to land in a well-thought-out wardrobe that works in all situations of life. Through concrete challenges, you get help, inspiration and guidance.

"101 Stiltips" Teaches you everything from the art of rolling up your shirt sleeve perfectly to the tricks that change, renew and enhance your outfit in 3 sec. It's about small details that can change your entire look. Like how navy blue works great with black, coarse knit with soft silk and why not sneakers for the party dress! It's all about the art of styling correctly and knowing what goes together.

"Guiden till den perfekta garderoben" Inspired by Swedish & Nordic style, the book is filled with beautiful pictures, step-by-step guides and smart tricks, including how to conjure the figure. In addition, you will learn how to avoid wrong purchases, shop smarter and invest in clothes that last - both in terms of trends and good quality.

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